LaLaLand Teddy Bear Order Form

See the policies page for terms of payment and delivery.

Please print this form and send to:

LaLaLand Teddy Bears
3412 Milwaukee Avenue
Suite #448
Northbrook, IL 60062

Please pay by check or money order.

Select Bears:

_______ 9 inch Antique Bear With Santa Suit $19.95

_______ 11 inch Laura Bear In Lace Eyelet Dress and Bow $22.50

_______ 10 inch Happy Halloween Bear $16.95

_______ Total Price of Bears

_______ Shipping and Handling (See Policies Page)

_______ Illinois State Sales Tax (If Applicable)

_______ TOTAL

Remember you will receive a free bear with each order!

To include a special message with a bear gift, please include it here or send 
it in the body of an e-mail message:


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Thank you for your order. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. You will receive notification by e-mail when your order has been processed.

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