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banner advertising
The Internet Link Exchange will scatter your banner ad across cyberspace.
SWWWAP will place your banner ad on other sites according to geographic region, website information type and the time of day that your ad will be displayed.
To find out about most of the other banner advertising services, go to the Web Site Banner Advertising page.

cgi services
Mailform is a very versatile and flexible CGI script which allows you to write your own form and use their cgi-bin to process the form and mail the results to you.
remote software has a service called Free Mail which enables you to have them process a CGI form for you. They also have other low cost CGI services. You can see this in action by filling out the feedback form for this site. Let us know how you like this site while you're at it.

SPiN's Multi Guest Book
TOAST Guestbook Service

Jeff Carnahan's Free CGI Services enables you to use Browser Redirection, FormMail, Random Link, Credit Card Verifier and Redirection scripts on his server.

custom content
After Dark Online has versions for Mac and Win 95. News from Sports Illustrated, ZD Net, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and DBC Financial News is brought right to your desktop.
Headliner automatically delivers your choice of news and information from the Web to your desktop.
Microsoft Network's Website lets you have control over what is displayed on the page according to your preferences.
My Yahoo! News Ticker provides you with the latest news headlines, stock quotes, sports scores, and weather reports to be displayed on your Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 task bar, or runs as a top-level window or "glued" to your Windows desktop. Windows 3.1 version now available.
Netscape's PowerStart makes it possible for you to gather all of your most-used links onto one page. You can also access news and information according to what your interests are and of course, keep up on Netscape news.
PointCast delivers news right to your computer.
Snap! organizes the Web into content channels like News, Entertainment ,Sports, Travel, Business, Money and Health. Plus Snap! provides a search function, chat rooms, sports scores, stock quotes, software downloads, Internet events and more...
ZD Net's Personal View gives you computer news and information tailored to include your favorite topics.

When you join Bigfoot you will receive a free lifetime e-mail address ( Bigfoot will then forward all your e-mail, from your new address ( to any e-mail address you designated in your Bigfoot for Life profile. You are able to change your profile at a later date if you change ISPs or e-mail accounts.
HoTMaiL provides free Web based e-mail. You don't even need e-mail software.
iName gives you free e-mail with a personalized e-mail address.
NetAddress provides you with a permanent e-mail address and routes your e-mail to one or several destinations of your choosing.
RocketMail makes e-mail easy by using a Web interface for sending and reading e-mail.

e-mail reminders
GetReminded is a free service that will deliver e-mail "reminder" messages to your e-mail account at a time and date you specify.
If you have a Web site and want to notify people who view your site when your site has changed, the URL-minder from NetMind will do this for you for free. Just go to their site, fill out the form and they will provide you with the code to insert into your page. You can see an example of it at the bottom of Freeware Favorites.
Reminder To... will remind you of important events by e-mail. Just enter the date and address to be delivered, and forget about remembering.
Remind U-Mail is a free calendar and reminder service.

GIF Wizard will shrink the file size of your GIF image by up to 90 percent, online. If you need to get a graphic down to a certain size, like the 7K limit for your Link Exchange banner, GIF Wizard will do it for you.
Pixelsite can create graphics for you. Its almost like having Photoshop online. This site is very busy, but worth the wait.
VRL's Imaging Machine performs graphics manipulation for you online. Features include animated gifs, transparency, combine two images with a twist, filters, conversions, index several images into one file, and more.

The Anonymizer service allows you to surf the web without revealing any personal information. If you have been getting junk e-mail, this might help cut it down by letting the Anonymizer retrieve Web pages without your personal information being transferred.
Hyperlink Verification by End User Computing Limited will check up to 200 links on a Web page and send you the results via e-mail. I use it to check for broken links on this page.
NetMechanic provides online link testing and HTML validation.
Q Stats provides online feedback surveys (QRate) and polls (QPoll) which you can easily customize online to the needs of your site.
Server.Com PIM is a Web based Personal Information Manager.
Web Page Access Counters and Trackers has a large list of services for counter and trackers.

search the web
All-in-One Search Page provides you with many form-based search mechanisms found on the Web. I chose to list this site instead of listing every search engine.

site submission services
Broadcaster will submit your Web site to over 200 search engines and directories.
ENTITY: Global Site Submission helps you to announce your Web presence to over 40 sites for free. Subscribe and submit to over 350 sites.
PostMaster-Announce your URL everywhere!
Submit It! can help you get your site listed in 15 search engines and directories.

software updates
Catch-UP is a service that helps you update your shareware and freeware software via the Internet. Versions for Windows 3.x and 95 are available.
Versions! will send you e-mail each time the developer of a software product you have chosen offers an upgrade.

virtual greetings
@loha has "Walkin' Talkin'" animated birthday cards you can send to loved ones as an e-mail attachment. Also check out their reminder service.
A Digital Postcard
The Electric Postcard
The Free Super Internet Birthday Card
Internet Greeting Cards lets you choose a background color, text color and a photograph or artwork in addition to your message for the the custom card you create.
KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards helps you create your own personalized multimedia greeting card that will be sent by e-mail. You need to be a Windows user to view the greeting cards.
Virtual Flowers-Send a free Virtual Bouquet to anyone on the Web. You can also use their service to send real flowers world wide.
If you would like to see over 200 more sites similar to these, go to the Virtual E-mail Stuff page.

web hosting
Geocities provides you with free web space and free e-mail services.
Town Square 2000 is an online community where anyone can create a website without needing to know HTML.

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